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Public Procurement remedies within the realms of the laws of Malta


Campo Valor
Formato Analítico de periódico ou monográfico
N.º Sistema 000081197
Autor LinkCalleja, Joseph
Título LinkPublic Procurement remedies within the realms of the laws of Malta / Joseph Calleja
Língua inglês
País Alemanha, R. Federal
Local LinkBerlin
Editor LinkLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Ano 2016
Tipo de Documento LinkAnalítico de periódico
Resumo "This paper seeks to undertake a critical review of the remedies available under the Maltese public procurement regime. It transpires that there are various aspects relating to remedies under Maltese law that can potentially inhibit the effective review of decisions. The author’s review presents a number of observations dealing with the manner in which certain provisions have been drafted and the approach adopted by the Maltese legislator. Most predominant is the fact that when it comes to seeking redress the individual becomes entrapped trying to figure out the applicable provisions. Such complexities lend to a lack of legal clarity. Besides the various findings that are brought to the fore, the author humbly puts forth legislative recommendations in an attempt to contribute towards better governance in the Maltese public procurement regime, especially within the realm of remedies."[editor]
Nível de conjunto European procurement & public private partnership law review Christopher Bovis, ed. lit. Vol. 11 nº 2 (2016) p. 119-129 2194-7376 PP0436/7
Classif.Temática Link2006 política comercial eurovoc
Assunto Linkcontrato público
Linkmedida nacional de execução
Cota CIEJD PP0436/7 ISSUE Informação sobre a biblioteca CIEJD
Ligacao European procurement & public private partnership law review
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