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The use of tender procedures to exclude state aid : the situation under the EU 2014 public procurement directives


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Formato Analítico de periódico ou monográfico
N.º Sistema 000081214
Autor LinkHasselgård, Pernille Edh
Título LinkThe use of tender procedures to exclude state aid : the situation under the EU 2014 public procurement directives / Pernille Edh Hasselgård
Língua inglês
País Alemanha, R. Federal
Local LinkBerlin
Editor LinkLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Ano 2017
Tipo de Documento LinkAnalítico de periódico
Resumo "There is a longstanding presumption, and the official position of the European Commission, that the award of a contract in compliance with the EU public procurement directives will not prima facie raise issues of State aid. The presumption has been criticised, particularly in light of the most recent procurement directives allowing for increased flexibility and negotiations. This article will analyse whether the new EU 2014 public procurement directives pose any threats to the State aid rules. It will critically examine the more flexible procedures provided for in the new directives, including the enhanced space for the application of qualitative and non-economic factors. The analysis will first focus on the discretion placed at the hand of the contracting authority, and the possibility for use of negotiations and discussions. Secondly, specific risks related to the new innovation partnership and social and environmental criteria will be examined. This paper reaches the conclusion that the new public procurement package poses significant threats to State aid rules, which could amount to competition distortions in the internal market."[editor]
Nível de conjunto European procurement & public private partnership law review Christopher Bovis, ed. lit. Vol. 12 nº1 (2017) p. 16-28 2194-7376 PP0436/7
Classif.Temática Link2006 política comercial eurovoc
Assunto Linkcontrato público
Linkauxílio estatal
Linkdiretiva (UE)
Cota CIEJD PP0436/7 ISSUE Informação sobre a biblioteca CIEJD
Ligacao European procurement & public private partnership law review
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