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EU Cohesion Policy in the Iberian Peninsula : main territorial impacts (1986-2013) and challenges for a more efficient new programming period (2014-2020)


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Formato Analítico de periódico ou monográfico
N.º Sistema 000081700
Autor LinkMedeiros, Eduardo
Título LinkEU Cohesion Policy in the Iberian Peninsula : main territorial impacts (1986-2013) and challenges for a more efficient new programming period (2014-2020) / Eduardo Medeiros
Língua inglês
País Alemanha, R. Federal
Local LinkBerlin
Editor LinkLexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Ano 2018
Tipo de Documento LinkAnalítico de periódico
Resumo "This paper identifies the main territorial impacts of EU Cohesion Policy in the Iberian Peninsula, in the first four programming periods (1989-2013). Moreover, it discusses the relevance of the strategy associated with this Policy, the role of EU funds in promoting a more cohesive territory, and suggests alternative paths to improving its effectiveness and efficiency. In short, our analysis concludes that, despite high levels of inefficiency, and lack of an adequate medium-longer term strategic vision to make the most out of the Iberian Peninsula’s territorial capital, the large volumes of funding were crucial in modernizing many territorial infrastructures, and in improving the human capital of both Iberian countries. However, in overall terms, the territorial cohesion goal was not achieved during the last couple of decades, at the national level. Worse still, the continuous negative commercial trade balance, which has been characterising both Iberian economies for a long time, associated with low levels of productivity increase, is illustrative of the existing and persistent structural territorial development constraints in both Iberian Countries. Hence, these need to be tackled in a more effective manner during the post-2020 phases of EU Cohesion Policy, in order to put the Iberian Peninsula in track with the most developed territories in Europe."[editor]
Nível de conjunto European sctructural and investment funds journal Juliana Veit, Maja Wirbatz, executive editors Vol. 6 nº 4 (2018) p. 284-295 2196-8268 PP1021/3
Classif.Temática Link1021 finanças comunitárias eurovoc
Assunto LinkFundo de Coesão
Linkprograma operacional
Linkfundo (UE)
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Ligacao European structural and investment funds journal
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